Beauty Comes From Within Collection is made up of 6 packs.
Each pack is only $1 through GGI week so don't miss out, come and grab a bargain.

Beauty Comes From Within
Collection - Papers - Word Art Cards - Elements
Photo Masks - Wooden Papers - Create-A-Page Templates



05/02/2016 8:58pm

Wow, it's beautiful! I know my daughter will like it because she collects things like these and also has a scrapbook to put the memorable pictures inside so she won't forget it forever, that's what she said. I also love the title of the paper arts, "Beauty comes from within". I agree that beauty comes from within because when you have a beautiful face on the outside but lacks a compassionate heart for the needy, then you are considered to be ugly. Real beauty comes from within because when you are good at heart, your outside appearance will also reflect what's inside you.

07/26/2016 3:52am

sonice art design

09/11/2016 4:17am

Woooow! That is very creative! Very beautiful stuff from you!

10/21/2016 7:20am

Some really useful slides here. I've been looking for something like this to help with a research piece I've been working on.

10/25/2016 3:32am

Honor yourself and God by celebrating who you are and what you have to offer. Do not ever allow anyone to try and convince you that you have nothing to offer. Boldly practice being your own kind of beautiful every chance you get.


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11/14/2016 2:27am

A great collection of wooden paper, paper, word art cards and photo masks art is shown in this blog.

11/23/2016 11:52am

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