Rock What You Got Page Kit - by Across the Pond -  Designs with Mandy King.

A specially requested kit to celebrate the life, love and achievements of those special children in life with Down's Syndrome. Cerebral Palsy and other similar conditions.
The bright and happy colors reflect the sunshine and joy they bring to the world.

Rock What You Got



03/19/2016 8:28am

As a young student, I love to draw. And if to ask me what I love to draw, well, I love colorful things for these add hue and happiness to me. Bright colors are delightful. I do love themes that express happiness and all that has the joy spirit. Yes, life isn't perfect, there are flaws, but what makes life completely happy is our joyful hearts, our kind hearts that give more color to every people that we offer our help and support.

09/04/2016 4:27pm

My husband and I teach music appreciation to children with special needs. Our students are mostly with autism, down syndrome, ADHD and speech problems. We love them dearly. Seeing another person care for them makes us happy. We love your work and what you do. Thank you for giving them time.


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