This weeks winner of the blog competition has been chosen.
Congratulations to Suzanne G comment number 28
Who wins Addicted To Adventure $5 Grab Bag.
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Suzanne G
10/29/2015 5:12pm

Oh my! Thank you so much! I went to the store to see the reveal and it looks wonderful. I especially like the license plates :-) Then I found there's going to be a celebration soon! I hit the jackpot! Thanks are appreciated :-)

03/15/2016 11:04pm

I would like to read more posts on this blog and share it. to my friends.

04/03/2016 1:25am

Congratulations! I am sure she deserved it.

05/17/2016 10:15pm

The feeling of winning of the competition is surreal. I thought I'm not going to make it. I can't imagine that I have a chance to win in this kind of competition. I was thinking about how I was going to go about that. It was just a really weird feeling. It's been amazing to win in this competition. It seems impossible at the beginning, but then it's not. I believe in myself. I deserve to win. Winning is not the everything, It is the only thing.

05/21/2016 2:50am

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06/30/2016 5:04am

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06/30/2016 1:11pm

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06/30/2016 1:49pm

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07/04/2016 4:47am

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08/05/2016 12:36am

I hope I will win something from you the next time! I need some luck for that))

11/04/2016 8:23am

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